Yogendra Singh

Yogendra Singh

PhD Researcher and Teaching Associate

Centre for Simulation, Analytics, and Modelling

Yogendra is a PhD researcher and Teaching Associate at Centre for Simulation, Analytics and Modelling. His PhD is focused on Operations Research, and is under the expert supervision of Prof Stephen Disney, one of the most renowned scientists in the world, and co-supervision by Dr Okechukwu Okorie, a high multidisciplinary repute. Focus of the research is on integrating control engineering principles (especially the z-transform transfer function) and value stream mapping to develop parsimonious yet robust supply chain models to capture its rich dynamics. He is also a Reviewer for the Journal of Cleaner Production (Impact Factor - 11.072).

Yogendra is a multidisciplinary researcher. Prior to PhD, he worked and published in various areas including Astrodynamics, Space Trajectory Optimisation, Space Mission Design, Mechanical Design, and Process Engineering. He has worked with various industries in different capacities, for instance, Infosys USA, Ceva Logistics, DHL, Asahi Shimbun, Yamaha Motors, Continental, Airbus Defence & Space on a project for European Space Agency and NASA, and academic institutions including at Aoyama Gakuin University (Japan), University of Birmingham (UK), Cranfield University (UK), University of Texas (USA), Virginia Tech (USA), and University of Tasmania (Australia). Among other awards, he has received two Gold Medals, prestigious University of Exeter Business School PTA scholarship, School Commendation, and a few universitywide records.

  • Operations Research
  • Bullwhip effect
  • MRP Nervousness
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Control Systems Engineering
  • Forecasting
  • Business Analytics
  • Statistics and Data Science
  • Econometric Analysis
  • PhD in Operations Research (ongoing)

    The University of Exeter, United Kingdom

  • Master of Research in Management (sp. Operations Research)

    The University of Exeter, United Kingdom

  • Master of Astronautics and Space Engineering (sp. Trajectory Optimization and Space Mission Design)

    Cranfield University, United Kingdom

  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

    Sharda University, India