Consultancy project for a Japanese firm

A consultancy project under supervision of Prof Stephen Disney (EBS, UK) and Prof Takamichi Hosoda (ABS Japan), was delivered. The name of the industry can not be disclosed due to the NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) signed. It is one of the oldest firm (>140 years) in Asia in its industry.

The objective of the project was, “to clarify the causes of shortages and excess inventory by current supply chain analysis and data analysis, and consider solutions that can realize optimal inventory.”

Tools and techniques we used to address the project objectives include Economic Order Quantity, Simulation, Dashboard, ABC analysis, Value stream mapping, Ishikawa analysis, Swim-lane analysis, Thematic analysis, among others. The project was successfully delivered meeting the objectives.

Yogendra Singh
Yogendra Singh
Doctoral Researcher and Teaching Associate

Current research include Modelling of supply chain dynamics, MRP nervousness, Bullwhip effect, Forecasting, Future supply chains, and Supply chain risk and resilience