LISA Constellation Mission

Photo Credit: eoportal

The project was a feasibility study of communication Relay of LISA constellation mission (planned launch 2037) undertaken for Airbus Defence and Space who, in turn, was working for ESA’s and NASA collaboration mission.

LISA is often termed as the most advanced scientific undertaking by mankind ever, and is going to be the largest man-made structure in space, larger than International Space Station. Purpose of the mission is to measure gravity waves in space.

My responsibilities in this project included Operations (Systems Engineering), and End-of-Life. I had to ensure that satellites do not come close to Earth as close as 1.5 million kilometers after at least 100 years of the mission completions, i.e. year 2147 (at least).

Apart from Operations/Systems, I had to propogate satellite in artificial environment for 110 years to ensure this, with the help of Supercomputers.

Yogendra Singh
Yogendra Singh
Doctoral Researcher and Teaching Associate

Current research include Modelling of supply chain dynamics, MRP nervousness, Bullwhip effect, Forecasting, Future supply chains, and Supply chain risk and resilience