Warehouse Design by Optimization of Material Handling, Space and Labor Requirements


Design of the warehouse must be flexible, yet robust so as to meet anticipated and unforeseen future needs without further material handling equipment or re-design of the Warehouse itself. We presesent a warehouse design approach with reduction of manual labor required and minimization of space required without compromising on the accessibility while keeping the capital and operating costs down. The expected outcome of such an optimized warehouse design is reduced dependence on or outsourcing to external warehouses.

PM-13 International Conference and Exhibition on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials, February 07th-09th, Pune, India
Yogendra Singh
Yogendra Singh
Doctoral Researcher and Teaching Associate

Current research include Modelling of supply chain dynamics, MRP nervousness, Bullwhip effect, Forecasting, Future supply chains, and Supply chain risk and resilience